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Urban Gourmet Burgers offers the perfect environment for you to dine with family, unwind with friends or simply treat yourself. The mouthwatering meals are definitely unforgettable.

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I saw a picture of an Urban Gourmet Burgers posted on social media by one of my friends during and I was hit by instant tamaa. Having never been to the restaurant before, my excitement was surreal when my TambuIan partner selected the joint as the venue for meeting.

I took myself through an intensive palette cleansing that day. By 1500h I was ready to meat. To Westlands we rode, into Westgate Mall we went and up the stairs we climbed (an attempt off cardio before the meal perhaps?)

Urban Gourmet Burgers is on the second floor food court of Westgate Mall, Mwanzi Road, Westlands. The food court has a range of restaurants that range from fast food to oriental food with a large sitting space at the centre. If perhaps you were undecided on where exactly you’d like to indulge in your meal, you may be quite spoiled for choice. Not I though, my target was clear.

When we stepped in, two things immediately came to mind: (1) Sports and (2) the hope there was no football match that day as my partner’s focus would be lost completely. The restaurant had an undeniable sports bar vibe to it. The interior décor splashed with flags of various football teams. I saw Barcelona FC and Real Madrid flags among others hanging quite prominently around the bar and around the ceiling edges.

There was a foosball table centre right of the room. TV Screens were suspended from the ceiling not forgetting the massive one at the furthest end of the room. On the left side of the room were square tables with a set-up of four seats per table. Straight ahead from the door I had a clear view of the bar and to the right of which were couches and a few larger tables. At the foot of the couches were sockets in case the need for a charging port arises. Ahh yes, convenience.

There was a pretty diverse crowd present that day. I spotted a group of youngsters (do people say that anymore?) or rather young’uns just looking to hang out over a good fast food meal, about three couples seemingly on dates and families would stream in every now and then. I could also see a group of friends catching a game over some beers and burgers. The restaurant seemed befitting for anybody who would like to have a good meal, conversation and/or a good drink regardless of age or occasion.

A pleasant, polite waitress walked up to us, enquired about our sitting preference and directed to a befitting section. She presented us with the menus which we perused for a moment before placing our orders. The time taken to wait for it and the presentation of the meal was impressive (and lifesaving – I was starving). After receiving the meal however, it was a bit difficult to get the attention of the waiters/waitresses again to re-order. It took a little effort to wave one down but the moment one spotted you, the service jumps right up again.

That little hitch didn’t ruin my Urban Gourmet Burgers experience. The food was amazing! My business partner turned foodie buddy had the Texas Burger and I had the French Connect Burger. I had seen the mouthwatering pictures but I was not ready for the party in my mouth.

The meat was done as per my preference i.e. well done. It was married perfectly to every condiment, spice, seasoning and extras thrown on it in a ceremony sealed by two buns with a sesame seed hat. Delicious. delicious, delicious. We washed down the meal with cocktails which were great too and guess what? This joint had Happy Hour running from 5 – 7PM (Buy 2 cocktails and get the third one for free). That aside, non-alcoholic drinks were also available, from juice and shakes to beer. I believe that on a budget of about Ksh. 1,300 any customer could enjoy a more than decent combo.

Will I be dining there again? Most definitely! Will you?

Written by Kendi Mberia
Carpe diem, Carpe noctem, Carpe omnia!