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The Wild Comedy Jam is a monthly event hosted by my good friend John Ribia at the Wildly Coffee House in Lang’ata. He brings along great comedy acts who tickle your funny-bone in this world of Kenyan Stand Up.


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John Ribia

I’ve known John Ribia for around 15 years. I went to high school with the bloke and all this time, he was known for his tall frame but never quite for his humour. Never. So when I learned that he’s been doing stand-up comedy on the side, I was impressed. Eager actually. I wanted to be there personally to give the ovation as the crickets chirped at his dry jokes.

Sure, back in the day I respected the guy for a few things like his taste in hip-hop (and I mean KRS-ONE hip-hop, not Chingy hip-hop) not for his comedy. “There’s no way in Kirinyaga that this guy can be funny.” I’d thought. “Iย am funny”. But not him.

The Wild Comedy Jam

The event was dubbed ‘Wild Comedy Jam’ and Ink Overflow was incharge of managing it, with tickets (500 bob Advance & 600 bob at the gate) powered by The venue was Wildly Coffee House in Lang’ata, starting from 7:30PM.

So John has been doing his comedy gigs with a group called Punchline Comedy as part of the act, but this time, he was actually hosting the event. He prepared the lineup, the venue, had a team for the audiovisual, camerawork, everything. Kudos, eh?

I got there just in time. Wildly Coffee House is inside the Nairobi National Park, along Lang’ata road.
I’d never been, but from the gate, it’s on the left and quite visible. The setup was nice, the joint has a nice vibe to it with some art and nice decor brightening up the interior.

There was a DJ, a camera rolling, waitresses with their hands full and a jolly-looking audience.

John was on stage and the crowd was roaring with laughter. (How?๐Ÿค”) Interesting. He was welcoming the crowd and officially kicking off the event and they were gobbling his nonsense like catnip.

Now I have to say that I’d never been on a Kenyan comedy show, not even the one that runs on our TVs on Sunday evenings. I really didn’t know what to expect.

Did I laugh?

Starting us off was this dude called Amandeep, quite a hilarious individual. He had a composed persona and dropped his jokes without raising his voice. (I don’t like guys who shout like Pastor Ng’ang’a during an exorcism) Amandeep’s jokes were quite good.

John had little comic interludes in between the acts and my oh my, had this giraffe become funny. I sipped my bitter drink as I looked at Kins and George (mates from highschool who’d come to support John as well) and asked, “Yo, when did this fool become this good?”

Zero chirping crickets as this elongated Kenyan Chris Rock huddled over the mic. Kudos!

Then there was a guy called Jacob, who was okay although wasn’t quite well received by the crowd. I felt that probably his jokes would have sounded better in Swahili/Sheng’ but he was also starting out so I’m sure he’ll get better. Keep on Jacob!

We took a break and I ordered some food. There were some music interludes and I particularly enjoyed Miss Moorby and Ethan who were quite good. Their mellow tunes and self-composed renditions disrupted my feelings. They are quite talented and their RnB fusion had the crowd in their feelings. Ethan is in a band called Jadi which will definitely feature in our Tambua Ngoma of The Week section sometime.

Hunger Pangs

So I know it’s not a restaurant review but I have to talk about the food. Wildly coffee had some tasty food but to be honest, I was quite disappointed by the portions.

Now I know I’m a foodie, but for around Kes 800, I excepted something better. I had the breaded chicken with sauteed potatoes and a beer to wash it down.

More Acts

The next three comedy acts had very interesting guys on stage. David Macharia had a lot of dark humour that was too much for some. Me? I was laughing off my socks. Anyone new to stand-up was squirming in their seat after listening to David.

Similarly to John, I’ve known Maina Murumba for over a decade as well (He’s the pocketing giraffe at the top there in this article’s feature image). He wants something that only cows, women ululating accompanied by a kiondo full of bananas can get. He was the next guy to come on stage. Maina is extremely amusing. His dark humour and effortless diction is exceptional.
We’re talking Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool kinda lines. When I get the chance, I’m definitely going to see him in one of his shows . And for the final time Murumba, KEEP.OFF.MY.SISTER.

George Waweru was up next. George was charismatic and confident. His act was genius and the audience loved it. Chai Knees is a killer social media handle too,when you get it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the event was quite packed, the vibe was great and The Wild Comedy Jam was conducted so well. I loved the punctuality and the precision of everyone involved too.
I’ll definitely be attending the upcoming shows when I get the chance for sure. Stay tuned.

Great work John! Oh yeah, you can keep up with him on Twitter & Instagram below:

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