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Outdoor weddings can be a gamble, but if the weather is right, Tafaria Castle is a slam dunk! The range of outdoor activities offered is the icing to this delicious cake.

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Our friend was getting married and boy did we put the late in ululate! It wasn’t completely our fault. We kinda missed the signboard to Tafaria and drove into the depths of Nyahururu for about 40 minutes before realizing that we were long past our destination. Adding the 40 minutes it took us to get back on track to a few more on the all-weather road leading up to the castle… yeah. But finally, about 220 km away from Nairobi, we caught a glimpse of the castle. One word – Breathtaking.

To be completely honest, I had never heard of the venue until I received my wedding invitation and though I had looked up a few images on google nothing could compare to actually seeing the picturesque site. And we’ll never be royals? I think not Lorde! We strode briskly down the walk following the sound of excited guests and stepped into a beautiful fairy tale land. The congregation was seated on steps, carpeted beautifully with green grass and partially encircled by a wall that had the words “Once upon a dream” written on it.

Truly a beautiful venue for a beautiful wedding. The newlyweds were ferried off in a carriage led by beautiful white horses that reside in a stable on the grounds – Can’t have a castle without horses now, can we? For the rest of us, it was chow time!

My friends and I took advantage of the few minutes between stuffing our faces and the couples return from their photoshoot to explore a little. On the ground floor of the castle was the reception, dining room and washrooms which were spick and span.  The walls were adorned with photographs that captured the building in various stages of its construction with short descriptions. One fun fact I remember is that initially, they meant to include a moat but that didn’t quite go according to plan, but does anything really?

At the front entrance of Tafaria Castle was a sculpture of a horse and well-manicured front lawn with faux mushrooms. Best believe that on this lawn, billions of pictures were taken that day. Though one could easily enjoy just taking in all the sights, there are various other activities that one could indulge in. You could enjoy horse riding, archery, bird watching. Just in case you’d be interested in spending the night at the castle, there were rooms available. Some within the castle or others in cottages outside. This might, however, take some saving and budgeting.

We got back to the celebrations and ululations (for real this time) and had a grand ol’ time! The grounds were perfect for all the shoulder shaking, waist twisting, kuku dancing, speech giving, cake cutting, heartwarming, exciting order of events.  This was so much so, that I peacefully slept my way through the 2-hour traffic we encountered in Nyeri on our drive back home.

From pictures I’ve seen, I can tell that Tafaria Castle has evolved quite a bit since my visit. If you’ve been there or even got a chance to enjoy an overnight stay kindly let us know how your experience was.

I’m off to have a spot of tea. Cheerio

Photos by Migire Stephen

Written by Kendi Mberia
Carpe diem, Carpe noctem, Carpe omnia!