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Whether your destination is clear or you’d simply like to relax and feel the wind blow through your hair, nothing beats a good drive! The ride from Nairobi to the Kenya/Tanzania border was wonderfully therapeutic. If you and your car love the road, Nairobi – Namanga awaits you!

Hello Team V6

The V6 engine purred as we rolled in. A car-lovers’ game that car lovers love. I honestly had never heard of Team V6, I mean other than the Subaru you guy my guys and the Mercedes club, I hadn’t paid mind to the other car clubs out there. I stand strong with the Footsubishi club of Kenya, if you know what I mean – Route 11 ni road trip ya kila siku. Anyway back to the engines…

A Roaring Introduction

Parked at a petrol station on Mombasa road was a fleet of Mark Xs, their owners eager to get this road trip started. We were chilling for just a few more guys to arrive and we’d be ready. No, point of correction, these chaps were born ready. After about half an hour of meeting and greeting, the chairman huddled us up for the kick-off. He greeted the old members, welcomed the new and dished out a few instructions before the ride.

The Destination: Arusha

The Stopovers: Kitengela, Namanga, Border Control

The Reason: Team V6, what can I say…

Motorhead behind the wheel, Aux Master in the co-driver’s seat, a squad in the back – Saturday was lit! With our belts and playlist on, our star fuel head cranked the engine to life – it roared in excited response.

I’ve been on the Nairobi – Namanga road more times than I can count, but this time it felt different. I guess a ride is as fun as the company you carry.

The Wind In Our Hair

From Nairobi to Kitengela there’s not much sightseeing or driving experience. It’s majorly the same old, town, estates, factories, more town-ness that we see in the concrete jungle. If you’ve never been on this road, past Kitengela and into Isinya is where you put your tourist vibes on. The vegetation is adapted to the local steppe (semi-arid) climate.

Though we were layers deep in catching up and trading pointless stories, when we paid attention to the scenery we could spot wildlife, most of which we decided were dik-diks *childish giggle*. They were not. We did spot a few scattered zebra and warthogs. Given that it’s no Maasai Mara, as long as the engine had the chance to strut its stuff, it served its purpose.

All A-Border!

The Team V6 convoy arrived at the border, one Mark X after the other. It was beautiful. That aside here are a few things you need to know about crossing the Kenya – Tanzania border:

  1. You must travel with your passport or temporary permit.
  2. You must have gotten your Yellow Fever shot. Don’t leave your card behind!
  3. If you’re driving, gotta have that logbook!
  4. It’s a sight to behold, enjoy it.

After about 3 hours and 3 stops, we crossed the border and went to dig into a lion’s share of sweet sweet Arusha-roasted meat. Tears guys, real tears. After that ride, I’m super ready to explore more routes like Nairobi – Nanyuki and Nairobi – Nyahururu.

Aaaaand I’m considering selling this as an actual slogan:

Mark X, the only Xs you should roll with.

Bonus Pic

How can I not share this gem? Now you Knnnnnnoooowww you must experience this drive!😂

Which expeditions have you and your sweet ride been on? Let us know in the comment section!

Written by Kendi Mberia
Carpe diem, Carpe noctem, Carpe omnia!