kenyan artist

Self-discovery is the path we all tread on, it is the path Mr. James Elvis Njeru, a Kenyan artist from Thika, opts to follow in his pursue of perfect expression.

He, Mr. Njeru, considers himself a simple and versatile observer, emulator and learner of the natural and seemingly unnatural environments and how they change, and what drives this.

In his paintings nature in its undisturbed forms is captured in as raw a form as possible, with sometimes the most particular details included, other times, as simplified as possible. This conceives, in the mind of the observer, hopefully, an acceptance and humility that nature is an innate part of all of us, and everything. The hustles of modern life do easily cloud this fact from general perception.

Using a wide range of media; watercolor, color pencils, graphite, soft & oil pastels, digital and lastly acrylic paints on both papers and canvas, he is able to derive different feels, aspects and even combine the two to achieve the best level of expression.

Elvis often references his many photographs of nature he has taken himself or through digital manipulation and editing, discovers new possibilities of beauty and the magic that is seldom perceived in the ordinary day to day living, mostly overlooked often than not, ignored all together.

He thus illustrates this best in his personal mantra of his perception of the world, “Magic, in the ordinary.”

Catch up with Elvis on Instagram: @artelnjeru


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