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Kiira Cottage is a serene out-of-town getaway located in Naivasha, Kenya. With its calming vibe, decor that will live you in awe, service that’s up to par and games that will keep you entertained, the cottage is perfect for all types of groups from families to couples to friends. Though the pricing is a little high and it is situated quite the distance from Naivasha town, the overall experience is absolutely worth it!

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The Journey to Vasha

Who here can I trust to remind me that I should renew my driving license… and my driving skills if I had any to begin with..? Maan! Annnnyyywayy, so my girl was getting ready for her wedding in October last year and with great weddings come great bridal showers. All she wanted was a little R & R out of town before the big day and to be honest, this really made me rethink my plans to boogie to the woogie all night long when my turn comes along – this isn’t Hangover 4. She sent out the invites around July to get ahead of planning for a September getaway to Naivasha and to get the best prices on accommodation. Kiira Cottage was our unanimous choice.

So, there we were, the lovely bride-to-be and I, on a jav to Naivasha. The first group of ladies was about 40 minutes ahead of us in her sister’s car. We were supposed to travel at the same time but as per usual, I was late (I will be working on improving this year – as I do every year). We cut through town to get the best matatu option and ended up boarding one around the corner of Tea Room for Ksh. 300. Thing is, it was actually a Nairobi – Naivasha – Nakuru mat and the conductors swore to us that though it’s a highway matatu, they’ll definitely pass through Naivasha town.

A Lie! But we were, in a hurry so we boarded.

About 1 and a half hours later as we got close to the Naivasha junction the conductor hailed down another matatu and traded us for a whopping 50 shilling each. Talk about knowing your worth!

We, however, got to the town soundly and met up with the rest of the crew and our mascot, Latte, at Buffalo Mall to pick up supplies and foodstuff we would need. Coz booze wasn’t sold at the mall, we stopped over at Quava Wines (& spirits) which we spotted by chance at the side of the road. After making our purchase, we were good to go!


As per Google maps, Kiira is 14 KM from Naivasha town. The drive seemed a little longer because: 1. It was our first visit and 2. We had kinda overloaded the car. For guys who don’t drive their own vehicles, you may need to hire a taxi from the town to get you to Kiira Cottage. It’s a long dusty road so you may need to bear that in mind and factor in the extra cost.

Hello Kiira!

So y’all! We had seen the photos of the place when selecting the location but brrrruuuuhh, I wasn’t ready! PIC 👏🏾 TURE 👏🏾 RESQUE 👏🏾!I could not believe we’d be here for 3 days!

The rustic decor left me in awe – A poem by Kendi Mberia.

I’m talking, antiques pon antiques. Like where did the owner get this stuff! If a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, feast your eyes on this novel.


The cottage had 3 rooms on the ground floor, 1 attic room, 1 glamping tent outside and 3 baths The maximum capacity is 10 people per stay.


Two wonderful gentlemen assisted us with our luggage when we arrived. One was the chef for the weekend and the other was the guard and sous chef. They were very polite, efficient and the food was indeed good. Hiring the services of the chef is optional, for an additional fee. You’d need to buy the food supplies yourselves and if you so wish, you may do the cooking.


Being the blissful vacay destination that it was, there was no television. They did have an array of games from Foosball to Truth or Dare Jenga, UNO, Cards and a Bluetooth Speaker in case you wanted to play your own jamz. There was a hammock where you could relax, a view of the lake and the coldest, coldest pool I have ever immersed myself into. Brrrr!

Early morning swims to late-night bonfires. This place was legit!


The cost on Airbnb is $350 per night. Pro tip: The larger your group, the lower the cost per individual. (I know, I know… thanks Captain obvious.)

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed my stay at Kiira. It’s one of the best places I’ve been to thus far and has definitely raised the ‘getaway’ bar for me. Also, see how content Latte was! This was his holiday, we were just but his guests.

Aside from the freezing pool, only major regret I had about this place was that I couldn’t stay there forever. But 10/10, would recommend!


Written by Kendi Mberia
Carpe diem, Carpe noctem, Carpe omnia!