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An adult animated series based on the comic of the same name, stars a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

Whoever said cartoons and animations are for kids really did the genre a disservice. If you can get past the mainstream content that your average 5 year old knows, there is a whole world of animation that is wild, wacky, and sometimes even more potent than anything in live-action. A good example of this is a world where super-beings who can do incredible things exist – something that can be hard and expensive to replicate on the big screen. This is where Invincible comes in.

Funded by real-life Lex Luthor‘s Amazon studios, it is one of the first animation shows that cross the 20min mark and goes the whole 40min+ runtime – an impressive length of time for a show that goes through a lot to bring it to life. Based on the Image Comic by the same name, it is also classified as an adult animated superhero show, something that doesn’t quite happen often. And it does earn the R rating in spectacular fashion real quick.

The show follows Mark Grayson, a young teen from the suburbs trying to navigate his teenage life, only that his father happens to be Omni-Man – an alien from another world with almost unlimited powers. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The characters are mirrored from other comic book franchises (Omni being based on Superman) and if you’re a fan, you’ll pick up on them pretty fast. The only difference here is the spin that the show puts on the characters.

The show is not afraid to ask the questions that you have always thought about e.g. what would happen to beings with immense power and almost no supervision if they ever landed on our pale blue dot of a planet. It’s an interesting take on superheroes that isn’t as graphic or in your face as The Boys but also not as sanitized (hehe) as shows on the CW. Yes, those CW shows. There is a nice balance that the creators have struck and it’s amazing seeing it play out. There is a story arch that stretches the whole season so it’s not just a villain of the day affair Γ  la police procedural shows. Make no mistake – it is still gritty, hard-hitting, violent, and bloody when it needs to be.

The voice acting cast is also superb (I mean you have JK Simmons voicing Omni-Man) and the themes allow for actual stakes in the storytelling – a rare occurrence in major adult animation stories. If you’ve been looking for decent storytelling and great animation that has the potential to stretch for years, give Invincible a try. If you have read the comic, you already know how crazy the story will get but if you haven’t, I’d recommend skipping it and enjoy the ride – it’s gonna be wild.

Oh, Invincible is available on Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Prime video, find out more about the pricing here.