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2020 has been quite the year, but here we are! For many of us, it’s extremely refreshing to just step outside once in a while and take in the beauty that the world has to offer. At Hero Restaurant, not only did we enjoy a magnificent view of Nairobi city, but also an array of cocktails within an environment that was perfectly set up for a polite evening filled with chit chat. Only disclaimer, if you’re one with a hefty appetite, perhaps nibbling on a light snack before checking in would come through for you.

A hero comes along…

Captain planet, he’s a hero…gonna take pollution down to zero! Sing it with me if you know the words!

After being cooped up in the house for months and keeping most of the hangouts indoors, a couple of us were yearning for a legit happy hour. Swiping right on Hero Restaurant was based on a couple of things:

  1. My sister had once mentioned it.
  2. The pics on social media were pretty dope.
  3. One of the guys working the bar is our home boyyyyy! – Gotta support your own, right?

So I primped, prepped and slapped my good face on then headed out!


Hero Restaurant is located in Village Market on the 9th Floor of the Trademark Hotel. We’ve taken you to this locale that time when admin tried his hand at bowling, remember?

Now, I’m not extremely familiar with the blueprint of the new & improved sections of Village Market. Aside from the steps where I took my First Holy Communion pics in the early 2000s, I don’t remember much about the place – every time I visit it’s an entirely new experience. Due to my lack of navigational prowess, I ended up roaming around with the hope that my feet will automatically lead me to Trademark, “Ile building mrreeefffu,” in the words of one of the ViMa guard whom I asked for directions. If I make an attempt to guide you from within the mall, you might end up starting a new life in Ruaka so I won’t even try. However, just note that the entrance to the Trademark building is within the same vicinity as the food court (this may be small-small information, but it’s vital).


I sashayed into the restaurant and was immediately in awe of the interior. It’s a warm, quaint inner set up with two sections partitioned by a well-stocked bar and an outer terrace with an amazing view of the city. The ceiling had the warmest lighting, the bulbs were cocooned by what I can only refer to as inverted mason jars.

My bestie secured wonderful seats outside – she had the best view, of the city and I of course. Seated across from her, I had a view of the restaurant, the hero characters artfully painted on the walls. The restaurant was not too crowded but did have a constant flow of customers coming in and out. There was mellow music playing in the background as we chit-chatted the evening away. Given that we were seated right next to one of the speakers, the volume was still low enough to allow for a decent conversation.

The view was amazing, and when the sun went down, the city took the opportunity to show off. I doubt that there are photos that can do the picturesque scene that graced our eyes any justice. ‘My city, my town‘ by Prezzo & Cannibal or ‘Nairobi‘ by Mayonde would have made the perfect background music to a montage of this hangout.


The menu presented many delicious options that included seafood, meat dishes cooked over charcoal, and soups. The price of a meat dish ranged from Ksh. 1,500 to Ksh. 2,500 however the portions for those of us who had come prepared to shoot our own version of the hunger games were minute. Ka-saucer would have been appreciated.

The food was pretty good though – the soup was a hit and my meal was surprisingly more filling than I thought it would be. It was no ugali, but at least my stomach stop rumbling for a few.


It’s Drinkcember now, lemme get you in the mood coz I was one happy camper. I had gin-based cocktails and my companion enjoyed some sweet rum-based drinks. Though there is a well-themed Hero Menu, we decided to relieve ourselves from the decision making responsibility and left the cocktail choices entirely in the hands of our cocktail maestro who was doing the most from behind the bar.

Some cocktails I knew, some I didn’t but they were gewwwwwwwd and effective. For those who’d love to see the drinks listed on the menu, here’s a snippet.

Parting shots…

Now, you know the hangout is good when…


Sorry, typo – Parting shot*

All in all, I enjoyed my experience at Hero Restaurant. Though I had to rampage through my kitchen later because the portions were a little wanting, I’d definitely go back. If you’re looking for a chilled-out spot or a romantic venue with a scenic view, this is it. When a new budget lands like this, I’ll be back. Trust.

Written by Kendi Mberia
Carpe diem, Carpe noctem, Carpe omnia!