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The Escape Room Kenya, located in Karen next to the Talisman restaurant presents a wonderful experience for teams looking to collaboratively solve escape room puzzles in record time. It’s great for team building, family, friends and possibly couples! Due to some form of complexity, it may not be ideal for kids below 15. The pricing is quite fair and payments can be done via MPESA. Early bookings are highly recommended for convenience. Definitely worth a recommendation!


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The following takes place between 7PM and 8PM … Events occur in real time.

The What

Mama Wikipedia says that “an escape room, also known as an escape game, is a game in which a team of players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. The goal is often to escape from the site of the game.”

The Why

Do you love challenging puzzles? Trivia? Team sports? Competitive games? If you do, then that’s why you should visit an escape room ASAP. If you don’t, well, you’re already reading this hence it’s too late and it won’t hurt to try.

The Where

My work colleagues were looking for a fun team building activity for the year, away from the regular sack and potato races, egg balancing and tugs of war. That’s when someone suggested we check out Escape Room Kenya.
It’d never crossed my mind that these things exist in Kenya or if they do, people enjoy them. Shame on me, yeah I know. I should be all about discovering Kenya’s little treasures and I’d never heard of escape rooms in Kenya.

Shame on you Ian.

So this particular escape room is located in Karen, inside the Talisman Restaurant. Google Maps to the rescue!

Once you get to the entrance of the restaurant, make a right turn and head straight past the sign then make a left. Good to note that from there , the signage is not as visual but there are not that many structures to confuse you. Matter of fact it’s an old bungalow with a residential setting. You won’t miss the front porch.

Escape Room Kenya

The reception area gives off a kind of retro-rustic vibe, with some pre-internet age artifacts spread across the room.
Oh, when you see this old phone, try to dial in. Do it right and it opens a secret door!

The ladies at the front desk were friendly and receptive. (As every front desk should be) and welcomed us warmly…
There were leader-boards on the wall displaying the champions along with their points. Those pictures that make you envious thinking that you can do much better.

The Escape Room Kenya charges Kes. 2000 per person per game. Students with Student IDs get a discount and pay Kes. 1800. The Escape Room also offers group discounts for teams above 10 people. They officially open at around 11 AM and close at 8PM. So they need the last players to be in before so as to start at 7PM. Thankfully you can book in advance and also pay online via MPESA to reserve your booking.

You need to have a quorum of at least 4 people to be eligible to select a room but from the leader-board, I noticed some teams had 2 guys in them. I guess this is something you can request the front desk although I highly recommend you do it with at least 4. The max number is 6 and if you have a larger group, the extras will have to spill over to another escape room.

Most escape rooms have a backstory of something that “happened in the past” and those guys left little subliminal clues and hints all over the room. Your job is to find these clues as quickly as possible (with minimal or no help from the Game Master) to help you unlock other clues and eventually find the final key of the main door that lets you out. The allotted time is 1 hour.

The Game Master is the host responsible for your room and typically knows where everything is. H/she will explain the basics and is available in case you need them. Game Masters are not present during the game, so one person in your team is assigned a walkie-talkie to communicate with the Game Master in case you guys are stuck. Avoid asking for these hints unless really necessary because it will cost you points.

Check out the rules here:

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Unless you’ve watched this movie then you’re gonna have a problem. 😄

The Escape Room Kenya has three rooms in total:

1. The Jail House

The year is 1971. You have been wrongfully imprisoned and are desperate to escape. Rumours around the Jail House suggest that there has been one successful escape before, and apparently that clever prisoner has left clues to guide other inmates to a successful escape. The Jail House warden and guards have taken a 1-hour lunch break and this is your best and only chance. Only with the help of the other inmates will you be able to follow the trail of clues in time to escape. You have 60 minutes to escape the Jail House, or risk being locked inside forever!

2. The Inventor’s Shop

For decades a secretive inventor has been creating  new devices that have the potential to alter our future… but she has now disappeared! No one knows why this infamous inventor has vanished, but she has filled her workshop with clever clues to help disguise  her inventions. You are her only trusted allies and must now crack the codes she left in the workshop  in order to escape and share the marvelous new inventions with the world!

3. The Submarine.

A rogue crew member of the research submarine, the HMS EXPLORER, has sabotaged the vessel’s engine – and the submarine is quickly plummeting to deadly depths!! Only the remaining crew (with the help of a rescue team by radio) will be able to regain control of the submarine, steer it back to the surface and escape the dark and dangerous descent…

(This is the room my team selected)



He he he. No spoilers.

Final Thoughts

Our submarine unfortunately sunk albeit being so close to finding the last few clues. After the game, the Game Master came in to show us what we missed, and that’s where you feel dumb. Maybe next time? Hmm although I don’t think you’d enjoy visiting the same room twice.  🤔

Overall, this was a great experience for me especially as a first-timer and that’s why I give it a 4.4 rating. Probably they can change the rooms after some time to improve the experience for guys who’ve been here before and reduce mwakenyas? I don’t know. It would be fun to also have at least one of the rooms with a maze-like set up. 🤔

It seems there are two other Escape rooms in Kenya which I definitely intend of visiting. These are Hepa Escape Room in TRM Thika Road and Psycho60 Escape Rooms in Kilimani. Be sure to look out for their reviews here on Tambua.

Bella Ciao!



Written by Ian Wainaina
I believe in realism & expression of true thoughts. Simplicity is my style , elegance is my strong suit 😎